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Medical and paramedical replacement

Our medical and paramedical replacement experts are waiting to help you find a replacement and advise you.
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Remplacement médical et paramédical​

Make the choice of medical and paramedical replacement!

The advantages!
  • Our Reactivity :

    Our Consultants are at your disposal to answer your search for replacement doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Loyalty :

    We take into account their desire for professional development and offer them numerous advantages.

  • Our know-how:

    Each sector has its own specificities. Our experience in medical and paramedical replacement allows us to meet the needs of any type of establishment.
  • Advice and Follow-up :

    Médical RH accompanies you throughout the mission. You benefit from the availability of our consultants for a better management of your medical and paramedical replacement needs.
Benefit from our expertise

Our strong points

Médical RH relies on a pool of confirmed experts, capable of providing the best support to doctors wishing to do medical and paramedical replacement in France.

recrutement médical paramédical
Quality of profiles
Satisfaction survey based on 100 clients. 2018.

Need a replacement doctor?

We offer you a solution within 24 hours among our thousands of replacement doctors in all specialties.

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remplacement médical et paramédical

The process always the process...

Our approach...

With a different approach based on medical and paramedical replacement expertise, we offer an à la carte service to help you strengthen your medical team. We guarantee you a regular and rigorous follow-up and support throughout the provisioning process.

For a better recruitment, our consultants do not limit themselves to feedback on advertisements. An experienced team is dedicated exclusively to hunting good profiles. It has access to the largest specialist CV Search in the world of healthcare as well as to networks of general practitioners, specialists, surgeons, dentists and pharmacists.

Tell us about your project

1. Definition of your need

Each replacement mission is the subject of a prior study of the need with the client, allowing us to the consultant to precisely appropriate all the parameters to be taken into account.
Tell us about your project
To find out what you need

2. Massive dissemination of the offer

A marketing manager is dedicated to your account in order to make known as widely as possible all the your replacement assignments in collaboration with a consultant who will be assigned to you, thus ensuring a good rate of investment.
To find out what you need
Through targeted sourcing and effective dissemination

3. Sourcing and direct approach

We have a base of more than 50,000 qualified doctors at our disposal for individual consultation. This base was built up over the course of many years of hard work in sourcing and "hunting".
Through targeted sourcing and effective dissemination

4. Qualification of applications

In order to verify the conformity of the profiles with the position, our team carries out a careful selection of candidates as well as interviews to evaluate the expectations of the candidates and the adequacy of their profiles in relation to your expectations.
With a report and a complete file

5. Validation of the candidate

We carry out a reference check of the candidate with the different services and establishments in the following areas which he practiced. Medical HR also uses a process of evaluation which secures your replacement and reduces the unforeseen events at the time of provisioning. of staff.
With a report and a complete file
To avoid the unexpected

6. Tariff proposal

We advise you on compensation levels in the sector according to the time of year. Our offers are among the most competitive on the market.
To avoid the unexpected
Everything for your satisfaction

7. End-of-assignment evaluation

At the end of the mission, you will systematically receive a satisfaction questionnaire about the mission. to evaluate the replacement as well as the Medical HR team in the management of your need.
Everything for your satisfaction

You'll have a hard time finding better...

That's what makes us different!


We advise you on compensation levels in the sector according to the time of year. Our offers are among the most competitive on the market.


Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and offer you tailor-made support.


We constantly follow the evolution of technology and adapt it to the best of our sector.

Medical and paramedical replacement needs?

Our database is made up of qualified doctors ready to carry out medical and paramedical replacements within your structure.
We are available
remplacement médical et paramédical
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