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Our added value

At Medical HR, we are committed to meeting your medical and paramedic recruitment needs. This is why we commit ourselves daily to our clients and candidates around FOUR key points:

Our Commitments
Our Assets
Our Warranties

Our DNA...

Our expertise in acting and recruiting medical and paramedic personnel allows us to anticipate and recruit the best talent for our clients and the best opportunities for our temporary workers. We strive to cultivate, on a daily basis, a relationship of trust with our partners.

At Médical RH, our strength lies mainly in our values, but also in the meaning we give to our actions and the motivation of our teams. Since the creation of our medical recruitment practice, we have been committed to an innovative and disruptive approach that aims to revolutionize talent management. We firmly believe that if we put people at the heart of our activities, we will be able to offer better support to our clients and candidates.

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Médical RH’s main objective is to support healthcare institutions, pharmacies, local authorities, healthcare professionals and project leaders in the management of their human resources.

In order to do so, our team set up a large pool of health professionals, namely :

General Practitioners




Specialist Doctors



Our commitments

#1 Quality

We do our utmost to offer you the right profiles. We put quality ahead of quantity.

#2 Listening

Our teams take the time to listen to you and analyse your needs with the utmost care.

#3 The council

Médical RH represents for you a real partner in the development of your human resources.

#4 Fairness

All our recruitments are based on equality of profiles, which is a key element of the principle of non-discrimination.

#5 Ethics

We are committed to respecting the principles and recommendations of Syntec Recruitment related to the ethics of our profession.

#6 Performance

Acting for the quality of our service means listening to your expectations and being attentive to our level of performance.

#7 Transparency

The organization of our activity as well as the services offered remain accessible in the simplest possible way. No retention of information is made between us and our clients or candidates. You will always make an informed decision.

#8 Reactivity

Our team remains at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to know and follow the evolution of your recruitment needs in real time.

#9 Loyalty

Trust is at the heart of the relationship we build with you, nothing is decided without you.

Key figures of our success

1 %
Our expertise allows us to place the best profiles.
1 %
Satisfied customers
Customer satisfaction is at the centre of our activities.
1 %
Positions filled
Our positions are filled thanks to an innovative strategy.

Our assets

We are committed to meeting your medical recruitment needs. Médical RH relies solely on the framework of trust that can guarantee the satisfaction of its clients.

#1 Cost control

By choosing Temping and Recruitment with Médical RH, you benefit from the most qualified profiles on the market, at an unbeatable price.

#2 Saving time

Medical HR helps you save time to stay focused on your core business and the development of your activities. You will therefore have the opportunity to focus on better care for your patients and relieve your teams.

#3 Qualified base of candidates

We have a large qualified base of candidates actively seeking opportunities consisting of : 20,000 doctors and surgeons, 8,000 pharmacists and dentists and 27,000 paramedics.

#4 Advice & expertise

Médical RH represents for you a real partner in the development of your human resources. Our team of experts in medical and paramedical recruitment advise you on the sector’s underlying trends and developments.

Our guarantees

Payment for success

We do not require any payment until the mission is successful. Success corresponds to the signing of an employment contract, a lease or a liberal practice contract.

Lack of exclusivity

Médical RH does not impose any exclusivity on you! You have the right to search for your staff through other channels.

Indeed, we have no exclusivity on the mission entrusted to us except in the case of an express wish on your part.

Risk Management

Médical RH guarantees you each mission in case of withdrawal of a presented candidate.

When a candidate resigns or becomes unavailable within 6 months of taking office, we are obliged to present you with another candidate at no additional cost.

Thanks to very good insurance policies taken out, Médical RH insures itself and its clients against the risks inherent in our profession.

Let us collaborate with confidence...

For a quality service, it is our responsibility to provide you with the best guarantees for a better knowledge of our working conditions and a wider collaboration.

recrutement personnel medical
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